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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 15:38

Salone del Mobile 2016

Low TDA Reflex Italo

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2016 (Milan Furniture Fair), TDA presents its Precious collection by Cima Arredobagno, the newly purchased furniture division. The three lines of the collection have been designed to reflect and be part of the latest trends in home furnishings, using en-vogue materials and finishes but, at the same time, outliving these fashions by virtue of a pure and minimalist design.

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Sunday, 30 November 2014 09:48

TDA-PP: the new TDA application

The catalogue/price list is also available on I-pads and Android devices

Tda upholds its focus on innovation and technology.

After a fully updated web site and a strong focus dedicated to social networks,
Tda implements its digital platform and launches its App on the market, dedicated to bathroom design professionals.

Available free of charge for iOS operating systems from the Apple App Store and for Android from Google Play, it can also be consulted at a later time in off-line mode. The app stands out for easy navigation and consultation.
With a simple click you can enter the world of TDA shower cubicles, discovering the characteristics and technical data of every model.

TDA-PP also features an auto-localisation system which offers instantaneous navigation language selection, and automatic layout orientation according to device inclination, without altering the proportions.
The application also offers the opportunity to stay up to date on the main news broadcast by the company, by clicking on the news section.

By launching this new application TDA is, yet again, offering the possibility of being closer to its customers, with the aim of helping them choose products and services offered by the company.

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Friday, 18 July 2014 10:01

The features of our new web site


First of all, is responsive.

This means that it responds graphically to all devices, and you can browse it on tablets, smartphones and web TV sets without any difficulty related to the resizing of the contents.

TDA has created an intuitive and efficient web site with the aim to become easily accessible by everybody, including the owners of Apple devices.

We aim to be efficient and fast, exatly the same efficiency that we apply to the manufacturing of our customized shower enclosures.

Available in four languages.

Doccia, Dusche, Douche, Shower. The new TDA web site can be surfed through four langages: Italian. German, French and English.

A multilingual web site is usually an opportunity, but in our case it constitutes a necessity; in fact, during the last years we have experienced a strong expansion on several markets all over the world, and we must keep up with requests coming from different countries.


A novelty of ecceptional efficacy for a complete and handy look through the different ranges by TDA.

All products are grouped by category to facilitate the search, and they are presented with proper pictures and technical details as well as installing procedures and special forms to be filled in with the details of customized shower systems.

The products' options are clearly indicated (reversibility, Neverdrop anti-scale glass treatment, possibility of wall adjustments etc.), dimensions are always specified and highlighted; a new colour chart containing the several finishes available for a specific item is a further help for the final choice of the product.

An extremely important detail focusing on TDA's approach to design and project making, is the possibility to

create customized (taylor made) products that can satisfy the most different demands coming from customers, who desire a custom made shower system for their bathroom and for their house.

Finishes, materials, accessories: these are only some of the important details that can characterize our customers' choice and that feature the production of the Brescian company.

This opportunity is immediately intuitable in our web pages as a very useful service for retailers and showrooms; they can leaf through the digital catalogue and grant efficient and professional advices.

New pictures

Bigger, numerous and more detailed. In our new web site, TDA has chosen to open doors and show through images the different processings, the staff, the factory.


In the new web site all news will be always highlighted, in order to create a direct connection with all customers and with the aim to let them participate to all developments and events inside and outside the company. The possibility to log in for our newsletter is a further way to be always up to date


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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 16:13

Color Revolution

In order to match the new trends of the market, TDA is updating its colour chart; new exclusive finishes that will drag along architects and designers.

A daring finish chart that allows a further customization of most of the TDA shower enclosures; a way to make the shower space a protagonist in modern bathrooms.

Aluminium profiles that become design details and match special claddings and new generation shower trays. A search for style, energy that highlight TDA's new market choice.

What color do you feel? TDA has got the perfect answers.

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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 16:04

Cosmit 2014 teaser

Great news during Cosmit 2014 for the shower products by TDA.

TDA, with a long and established experience in the engeneering, production and distribution of innovative and functional shower enclosures has become leader of the sector through its creativity and dynamism in interpreting new trends as well as through the respect of important quality standards. During Cosmit 2014 TDA introduces a range of new interesting high-performing products combined with a new line of exclusive concept finishes.The new models of shower systems have been created with technologically performing materials. The protagonists of the event are the models Mork, Mindy, Leo, Rocco and Dado.

With TDA design and colour become leading factors in every bathroom.

Several products can be customized through 36 fashion colours for the lacquering of the aluminium profiles. Some of the colours stand out for their originality like: Pavone, Rachid Orchid (elected colour of the year 2014) and Lemon Zest.

A choice among these several finishes gives to all customers the opportunity to own a unique and inimitable product reflecting their taste in every detail. Furthermore, a wide colour chart grants a valid imaginative support to architects and interior designers, who finds in TDA a reliable and professional partner.

As a trailblazing harbiger of new trends, TDA introduces during the Salone del Mobile the Egofabula project, born through a professional partnership with Tadoll International.

For the first time in the sector of shower systems the protagonist of decoration is not the glass support but the aluminium profile. Through a new bond between love for design and fashion, TDA has created five exclusive decorative textures that make the shower cabin a precious accessory. The tuning of a bathroom perfects itself through extraordinary decorations, all of them revealing a fascinating message or a hidden history; evocative symbols that allow a fulfilment of an aesthetic desire but also to descretely unveil shrouded aspects of your personality.

Visit us at Hall 24 stand B02-B06.

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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 16:04

Show room News

Visit the new showroom in our main headquarters in San Gervasio Bresciano, where we have created complete bathroom settings to display how TDA's shower enclosures can match the most different bathroom models.

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Monday, 24 March 2014 10:41

Cosmit 2014

Press 01 salone2014

TDA takes part to Cosmit 2014 to introduce new extraordinary shower systems. High performing products combined with concept finishes that match and anticipate the market's Trends.

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