Care and Cleaning
Suggestions to cleaning your shower glasses


CuraepuliziaLimestone is one of the main enemies of the glass panels; it is formed when remaining water droplets evaporate , leaving a deposit of calcium and magnesium on the glass . Depending on the hardness of the water , which varies from area to area , we will have more or less large deposits of limestone slabs which make glasses unsightly and rough to the touch. Is recommended to rinse the shower glasses and profiles after use, eliminating the residue of soap and detergents; if this were not enough to remove lime deposits , we also recommend a solution of warm water and vinegar applied onthe surfaces with a soft cloth or sponge. Aggressive chemicals , whether alkaline or acid (eg hydrochloric acid or caustic soda ) or abrasive and / or corrosive materials can deteriorate the aluminum profiles . The phenomenon of limestone attenuates strongly in the presence of a water softener connected to the plumbing.



Our ongoing research in technological innovation has led to the creation of NEVERDROP , a water sliding treatment which ensures clean and transparent glasses . NEVERDROP modifies the surface of the glass making it smoother and therefore water-repellent . The drops slide continuously avoiding the formation of limescale and dirt and allowing you to clean your shower less frequently. The cleaning of glass treated with NEVERDROP requires only a soft cloth and plain cold water. The use of abrasive , corrosive or aggressive cleaning agents will damage the treatment. Depending on the frequency of use of the shower and the water hardness, it is recommended the periodical use of the maintenance kit, allowing to preserve the NEVERDROP treatment and ensuring a longer life of the product. Ask for the maintenance kit at your local dealer and scrupulously follow the instructions contained therein.