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Garanzia 01

TDA shower enclosures comply with the European regulation EN 14428 and the CE mark is present on all our products. Since 1st September 2007 the CE labelling on shower enclosures and shower cabins is mandatory and it grants to all citizens of the European Union a regulated and uniform qualitative standard.
As per the referential regulation, TDA performs all possible verifications and tests with great accuracy in order to obtain the necessary requirements that allow
the CE marking of all produced shower enclosures.
In TDA the check of the expected requirements is only the final part of a process that begins with an idea, which develops into a project and actualize during production.
In our quality and R&D departments we have installed all machinery and facilities that permit to make the proper tests related to the EN 14428 regulation.
The detailed processing of all the obligatory tests includes the passing of the specific parameters described in the same regulation. This operation allows a proper observation of the simulated behaviour of our products as they had been used for many years after their first installation.The results of these particulat tests become
essential data for the constant improvement of the qualitative standards of our products.